Always consult a physician before starting any weight loss program.

Use as a dietary food supplement.  Take one capsule with a glass of water at 10:00 am and again at 3:00 pm for optimum performance.  Drink eight to ten 8 oz. glasses of water throughout the day.

WARNING:  Consult a physician before using if you are pregnant, lactating, having high blood pressure or being treated for a medical condition.

Keep out of reach of children.


Limit calories and eat nutrient-rich foods high in low-fat proteins and complex carbohydrates.

Reduce dietary fat to less than 20% of daily calories.

Emphasize high fiber foods such as whole grains and fruits, beans, and vegetables.

Get regular aerobic exercise such as medium-paced walking (at least 3 times per week, twenty minutes per session).

Avoid foods high in sugar and salt.

Eat 5-6 times per day consisting of moderate size low-fat meals and between-meal snacks.

Chew food thoroughly.

Take a good multiple vitamin/mineral supplement daily.


DON'T skip breakfast.
Avoid using the scale.
When you're done eating, get up and leave the table.
Don't keep fattening snacks in the house.
Replace "stress eating" with exercise.
Try on new clothes.
Walk as much as possible.


Based on the Exchange Lists for Meal Planning (1996) prepared by the American Diabetic Association.

DAY 1:  1,250 CALORIES

Breakfast: Toast (1 slice), nonfat yogurt (1 c.), fruit (1/2 c.)
Mid A.M. Snack: Graham crackers (3) and orange, apple, grapefruit, or pineapple juice (1/2 c.)
Lunch: Water-packed tuna (1/2 c.), sliced tomato (1 large), green salad with salad dressing (1 tbs.), crackers (4)
Mid P.M. Snack:  Apple (1 large)
Dinner:  Lemon broiled scallops or shrimp (8 medium); steamed broccoli (1/2 c.), baked potato (medium) with butter or margarine (1 tsp.)
Diet Dessert:  Fat-free cookies (2) with nonfat milk (1 c.)
DAY 2:  1,250 CALORIES
Breakfast:  Egg whites (3) scrambled with spicy salsa, wheat toast (1 slice) with butter or margarine (1 tsp.), grapefruit (1/2)
Mid A.M. Snack: Cantaloupe (1 slice) and bagel (1/2)
Lunch: Pita sandwich stuffed with chopped vegetables (1/2 c.) and diced turkey (2 oz.) or crab meat (4 oz.), fruit (small orange, apple, pear, peach, or nectarine)
Mid P.M. Snack:  Nonfat yogurt (1 c.) with fruit (1/2 c.)
Dinner:  Lasagna (2/3 c. pasta with 1/4 c. ricotta cheese and marinara sauce), green salad with dressing (1 tbs.)

DAY 3:  1,250 CALORIES

Breakfast: Nonfat whole grain cereal (3/4 c.) with nonfat milk (1 c.) and sliced banana (1/2 small)
Mid A.M. Snack: Bagel or English muffin (1/2) with cream cheese or peanut butter (1 tbs.), apple, peach, or pear (1 small)
Lunch: Broiled, skinless chicken breast (3 oz.) with spicy salsa, wheat tortillas (2), and cooked green vegetables (1/2 c.)
Mid P.M. Snack:  Grapes (15 small) and nonfat cookie (1)
Dinner:  Large tomato stuffed with bay shrimp (2 oz.) and dressing (1 tbs.), cooked rice (1/3 c.)
Diet Dessert:  Nonfat yogurt (1 c.) with fruit (1/2 c.)